“Little Kitchen Table”

Ever since I can remember, I have been one of those people who gets excited for the first day of school. The smell of new books and fresh notebooks without a single scribble in them, just bursting with possibility. I love the crispness of fall air and the new dreams waiting to unfold. As IContinue reading ““Little Kitchen Table””

Emotion Placemats with Play Dough Recipe

Parenting intentionally is hard work. The act of raising self-focused children into loving adults takes a lot out of me somedays, even though it is my driving force. My biggest wish for parenting is to raise kind humans; I strive to model compassion, to sow seeds of love, and to have healthy conversations about emotions.Continue reading “Emotion Placemats with Play Dough Recipe”

Early Reader Treasure Hunt

My kiddos love doing scavenger hunts. In the past, we have used pictures. Hand-drawn by yours truly, and devoid of much artistic talent. It is a good thing children care a lot more about our presence than our perfection and they have never complained about my poor drawings. I decided, however, to do something differentContinue reading “Early Reader Treasure Hunt”