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Food Processor

I am quite particular about the gadgets I bring in to my kitchen. I do most of my work with a cutting board and chef’s knife and don’t like to add products that accomplish only one task. I’m looking at you, banana slicer. A food processor, on the other hand, is an amazingly versatile tool and more than pays for the space it takes up. I can; shred an entire brick of cheese in minutes, grate carrots for carrot cake, chop nuts for granola, puree baby food, make a smoothie, mix up hummus or salsa, the list goes on. This is my blender, mincer, and grater. I use mine once a week, minimum, and it ALWAYS saves me time and energy.,aps,252&sr=8-3&linkCode=ll1&tag=fireweedfaith-20&linkId=8b21517683fdd74468a14e78777ba419&language=en_US
Indescribable: 100 Devotions about God and Science

It is so important to me as a christian mother that I am feeding my children’s souls. I want to teach them about Christ and the holiness of His creation. I want to teach them to be in awe of Him and look for Him in everything He has made. This devotions explores God through the wonderful things He has made. Each segment contains; A verse, A scientific observation, a related spiritual observation, an amazing fact of nature, and a prayer. We crack this book open as a family most every morning and spend time directing our hearts to see God’s good gifts around us. This product would suit children from pre-school all through elementary school. It contains humor, wisdom, and understanding. I plant to have this on our bookshelf for years to come!

Both of my children are all about dinosaurs rights now! We read stacks of books about them, they find their way into our movies, our games, crafts, etc. We are rocking the Dino world. This was one of our first books on Dinosaurs and the kids have loved it; the pictures are bright and beautiful, the pages are interesting and informative but not too wordy for young minds. There are engaging questions and opportunities to dig deeper. This is a great purchase for any dinosaur-loving kids in your home, it is wonderful stand alone or to incorporate with some of these other books as a Preschool curriculum.

This is a very simple handwriting practice book for new writers. There are four practice pages for every letter of the Alphabet, featuring uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and a short word for each letter. The back of the book contains some dinosaur themed words to write out as well and some lined paper with now words on it for additional practice. This helps to grow the skill of making letters and words in a very simple manner.

This Preschool Math workbook comes with number tracing pages, counting pages, addition pages, coloring pages, and number games. It is simple and effective for teaching Math. One or two pages daily reinforces number writing skills without taking much time. This leaves opportunity for more hands-on number games and play time, because play is learning for young minds!

I added this hidden pictures puzzle book to our curriculum because they are a favorite activity for my four-year old. This is usually something we do together when my younger child is sleeping. The black and white images makes the puzzle harder than the color counterparts in High Five magazines. I usually spot the item first and use direction words (up, down, left, right)to help him find it. We always color the items as we find them which is a good opportunity for practicing colors and following directions. We have had lots of fun snuggle time and discussions working on this puzzle book!

This kit makes for some great paleontology practice! The eggs have to be softened in water and then you are able to scrape a dinosaur out of the clay. It is messy and fun as you free the dinosaurs from their rocks. Once they are out you can read about each dinosaur in the pamphlet and learn a little about classification. My children love having these around to play with and matching the dinosaurs to the ones in our Dinosaur Alphabet Book. They add a hand-on element to our schooling as we count, sort, and classify.
Arts and Crafts

Here, in Alaska, we have loooong winters and craft supplies help the day go by faster and give the kids a creative outlet. I thoroughly enjoy crafting with my children, but am not a crafter myself and don’t have many products around. These buckets have been such a helpful tool for figuring out what to keep on hand and giving us a container to put it all in. We dump it out daily during hibernation season and create together for hours.,aps,242&sr=8-4&linkCode=ll1&tag=fireweedfaith-20&linkId=fab12a0746dd653f3f93471f6cb6f60c&language=en_US
Cuisinart 3-in-1 Multi-Cooker

A crock pot. Who doesn’t love one? I received this one for my wedding years back and have put it through the ringer with frequent use. Especially during those sleepy newborn years, I went freezer meal crazy when my second child was born and most of them were dumped and heated in this crockpot. But, wait, there’s more… also has a brown/saute setting. So if you want to brown up some meat before slow cooking it, you can do it in one pan. Hallelujah! Less dishes rates high on my priority list. You can also use this as a rice cooker or steamer. I have used this product as a standard crock pot, cooked hamburger in it when stove space is limited, used it as a hot-hold pan at birthday parties, etc. It truly is a “multi-cooker” and brings plenty of bang for it’s buck.,aps,240&ref=nb_sb_ss_i_2_9&linkCode=ll2&tag=fireweedfaith-20&linkId=e2a1811c73aae6405048b413fa65bd46&language=en_US
The Jesus Storybook Bible

“Every story whispers His name” The tagline says it all. Throughout this book Sally Llyod-Jones beautifully and tenderly points to the promise of Jesus. From the story of creation, all through John’s vision in Revelation, she explores the heart of the Father for His people and the plan he had in mind before the beginning of time. This is our other rotating morning devotion. My children love the pictures and the sweet, passionate tone of the stories. We have read it front to back numerous times now and I can, honestly, say it has taught me things about Christ that I had never recognized. Through these pages we deepen or relationship with God and each other, and I have been given new material to read and discover on my own time.

We have family out of state and, when my son was first leanring to talk, it broke his grandmother’s heart if he didn’t recognize her between skype calls and visits. We did try to boost our skype times, but schedules don’t always match up and I wanted a way to help encourage memory of his people. He was obsessed with magnets at the time and I had the idea to purchase these and fill with pictures of family so he could practice their names and cheer their hearts. He loved these magnets and they worked so well for keeping all of his loved ones in memory. They have lasted 4 years in our home and the children have been so delighted by the faces of all their favorite people.

Calling all Yogis, these dice are a wonderful way to spruce up your yoga practice. I generally do my workouts while the kids are running around in the play area or outside. I often find that I need a little creativity boost to keep it up. There are seven dice in this box and they work together to create thousands of different flow combinations. I always use the basic Sun Salutation form and add in the poses as I go. Just two to three rolls a day, if done well, gives me an energy boost and some gentle posture correction for the day ahead.

I wanted to promote this alongside the Yoga Dice, because I value the promotion of health over aesthetics. In this memoir, Kimberly Rae Miller, shares bravely and honestly her struggles with weight and self-worth. She explored the history of body worship and diet trends and her journey in coming to terms with the way she is made. This book had me laughing and crying, and left me wanting to seek a better perspective for myself and for the world.

A great craft project for dinosaur loving kids! This dinosaur assembling kit is a wonderful math tool as children sort out pieces by size and shape, then assemble them in numerical order. For my four year old this was, very much, a group activity and required a lot of assistance. Children 6 and older should have an easier time putting it together on their own.

This Dutch Oven is a great multi- purpose tool. I featured it in this post about artisan bread baking, and it also works as a stove-top pot or casserole pan. I use them almost anytime I want to transition a meal from the stove-top to oven. I can brown meat in it, saute veggies, add some gravy, top with potatoes and then…boom…one pot Shepherd’s Pie. This is a handy tool for anyone looking to cut down on dishes. Which, I’ll assume, is everyone sane.

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