The Labels We Wear

I did something last week. I replaced a couple pairs of pants. One pair was replaced due to rips, the other was replaced due to size. They were just too tight. Honestly, they were probably too tight when I bought them but I wasn’t ready to level my size up yet. I have always beenContinue reading “The Labels We Wear”

Whirlwind Week

I have been a little quiet on here this week. It is our first week back to school and whenever we change schedules, “me” time is the hardest to place. I know, I know. “You can’t pour from an empty cup” and “Take care of yourself first, Mama” I respect and appreciate the heart ofContinue reading “Whirlwind Week”

Be Still and Know

My floors are cleaned, laundry is folded, kids are tucked snug in their beds and my mind is finally at peace enough for fingers to meet keyboard and put down the thoughts that have been bouncing around in my head all week. Ironically, the main thought is the mothering mantra that has been pressed deepContinue reading “Be Still and Know”

Expectations on Modern Parenting

We bear more fruit in community, and we do better in community when we manage our expectation of ourselves and others. When we see the advice as a helpful tool or an opportunity to remember their own motherhood, and not an attack on us. When we see that different decisions can be made for valid reasons and that we are all united in trying our best. It is so great to see the things that haven’t changed and to witness a mother’s love that truly stands the test of time.

Feeding My Flock

I have been sharing a lot about food lately and will probably continue to do so and I figured it was time to share a little about that with you. My relationship with food was influenced largely by growing up in a home with a Type 1 Diabetic, my oldest sister. Our family diet wasContinue reading “Feeding My Flock”

Crab cakes

For the last couple weeks my home has been filled with the roar of cannons and splashing of waves upon the Jolly Roger. There have been pirate fights and misadventure aplenty. Captain Hook has invaded my home. You may think this means that one of my children has been dressing up and you would beContinue reading “Crab cakes”


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