Asking God Questions

This post has been sitting in my drafts folder for weeks. Some times I have to pray over my words for a long time before deciding to share. Some things have changed since I first wrote this, but the presence of miracles, grief, and confusion hasn’t. God hasn’t and His grace for our humanity hasn’t.Continue reading “Asking God Questions”

What’s in a Name: Mother’s Day Reflections

Motherhood is a job of teaching and correcting, loving and giving, it’s keeping house in the physical and emotional sense because sometimes that house you’re keeping is just room in your soul for little hearts to grow bolder. It’s a job of creative manipulation and constant service. It’s refining and holy and strange and beautiful because, as much as it is a job of teaching…it’s much more a job of learning.

Growing Pains: Let’s Talk About Fear

He is big enough to handle your fears. I’d go so far as to say that He longs to. His desire if for relationship and that isn’t built by pretending and putting on a brave face. It’s built with the courage to admit your humanity and allow him to make something better of it.

Growing Pains: The Value of Preparation

Preparation. We need it for everything; food, building, family outings or road trips, education, etc. All areas of our life are touched by preparation. Before I leave the house with my children I can usually be found stuffing a bag with an extra pair of underwear, a couple water bottles, some reading material, a snack or two, toilet paper or hand sanitizer if we’re going to an unpredictable public park. I prepare the bags, the truck, myself and I often forget about our hearts.

“Yes Day” Challenge

Relaxing feels like we are dropping a ball, but so often it is putting a yoke back on us. We return to the guilt and the drain over and over again because it is familiar. I push myself harder than I need to at home with the kids because I have to prove that this job isĀ  important and important has to mean exhausting.


So, if you have read my last post, you’ll be happy to know that my husband and I had a great date to celebrate our anniversary. We went birthday shopping for our daughter, grabbed some coffee, went to an escape room, and had a delicious dinner out. It was so fun to get out andContinue reading “Breaking”


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