Jalapeno Poppers with Pineapple

This recipe came together after I received a donation of food, there was an abundance of jalapenos and a large pineapple. I have done plain poppers before with great success and wanted to try a little variation. The sweetness of the pineapple did cut some of the spice in the jalapenos and it paired wellContinue reading “Jalapeno Poppers with Pineapple”

On Faith, Food, and Stewardship

 This right here, friends, is a blessing stopping me in my tracks.      I have just recently jumped into another area of service in my church. One that, honestly, I’ve been thinking I should be part of for ages and always found a reason not to.     Our meal ministry fell aside awhile backContinue reading “On Faith, Food, and Stewardship”

Lies and Liabilities

  I have recently entered a new phase in parenting and am dealing with lying. My 3 year old believes he has discovered the secret to getting away with murder (or, at least, the creation of large, obnoxious messes and causing physical or emotional distress to his sister or cousins). The secret recipe is theContinue reading “Lies and Liabilities”

Early Reader Treasure Hunt

My kiddos love doing scavenger hunts. In the past, we have used pictures. Hand-drawn by yours truly, and devoid of much artistic talent. It is a good thing children care a lot more about our presence than our perfection and they have never complained about my poor drawings. I decided, however, to do something differentContinue reading “Early Reader Treasure Hunt”

Oven Roasted Potatoes

This recipe is a family staple. It makes a good side for most any meat dishes; steak, chicken, meat loaf, pork loin, etc. A simple, tasty, herb flavored starch dish that works well to fill the bellies of children who always seem to be “hangry”. Ingredients: 4 Large Russet potatoes (I do one for eachContinue reading “Oven Roasted Potatoes”