The Labels We Wear

I did something last week. I replaced a couple pairs of pants. One pair was replaced due to rips, the other was replaced due to size. They were just too tight. Honestly, they were probably too tight when I bought them but I wasn’t ready to level my size up yet. I have always beenContinue reading “The Labels We Wear”

You do…Christ

You see, I was never meant to just “do me”. I was meant to put on Christ.

Whirlwind Week

I have been a little quiet on here this week. It is our first week back to school and whenever we change schedules, “me” time is the hardest to place. I know, I know. “You can’t pour from an empty cup” and “Take care of yourself first, Mama” I respect and appreciate the heart ofContinue reading “Whirlwind Week”


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About Me

Welcome! I’m truly glad you are here. I am RaeAnne, a full-time mother who is blessed to stay home with my crazy treasures. I have a background in culinary arts and love cooking delicious kid-friendly meals. These pages are dedicated to the spiritual and physical feeding of my children as I strive to steward their lives well. I’d love to have you join me on this adventure!

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