“Yes Day” Challenge

Relaxing feels like we are dropping a ball, but so often it is putting a yoke back on us. We return to the guilt and the drain over and over again because it is familiar. I push myself harder than I need to at home with the kids because I have to prove that this job isĀ  important and important has to mean exhausting.

“Damaged Goods”

Well, my last two blog posts (here and here) have featured little blurbs about past relationships and it seems that some of them have hit close to home. I’ve had a couple private messages about them and it’s encouraged me to share a little bit more. To share some things that I have been sittingContinue reading ““Damaged Goods””


So, if you have read my last post, you’ll be happy to know that my husband and I had a great date to celebrate our anniversary. We went birthday shopping for our daughter, grabbed some coffee, went to an escape room, and had a delicious dinner out. It was so fun to get out andContinue reading “Breaking”


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Welcome! I’m truly glad you are here. I am RaeAnne, a full-time mother who is blessed to stay home with my crazy treasures. I have a background in culinary arts and love cooking delicious kid-friendly meals. These pages are dedicated to the spiritual and physical feeding of my children as I strive to steward their lives well. I’d love to have you join me on this adventure!

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